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Your Guide to Choosing a Gents Wedding Band

Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we know that the attention is usually on the ladies during an engagement. However, we’d advise you not to forget about the gents band until right before the wedding! For the majority of men, it may well be the only piece of jewellery you’ll ever own.  All going well, it will be worn every day for the rest of your life. Considering how much use you’ll get out of this one important purchase, it’s worth taking some time to think about all of the options available to you. There are several key elements involved in your choice of mens wedding ring:

Mens Wedding Ring Styles

palladium gents wedding ring Dublin

The single most important aspect about choosing a gents wedding band is finding a style that you’re comfortable with. You can go as plain or decorative as you like – it’s an entirely personal choice. Some men stick to a classic polished band, while others want a more adventurous style. Some choose diamond set rings or detailed metal work. We’ve found that current trends lean towards a mostly plain ring with slight variations. The most popular being a matte texturing or a subtle engraved indent. Link to a popular choice at: /gwr2007-gents-5mm-palladium-brushed-wedding-band/

Gents Wedding Ring Metal Choices

gents wedding ring bespoke Dublin Ireland two toned rose gold palladium

We have several metal types to choose from, each with their own aesthetic and physical characteristics. While 9k yellow gold has been the prevailing traditional choice for several generations, contemporary fashions have moved towards silver and rose coloured tones in recent years. Platinum offers an enduring, high quality finish and requires little maintenance. In our experience, Palladium has proven to be the best choice for most men. This is due to it ‘s lightweight feel, durability and excellent value for money. Mens palladium wedding rings represent 80% of gents rings sold during 2019 for Bespoke Diamonds Dublin. If you simply can’t choose between these metals, why not go for a combination of two. For example like this two-toned mens band with a satin finish. Sample of ring at /gwr3002-gents-6mm-9k-rose-gold-palladium-wedding-ring/

Gents Wedding Bands Profiles

Mens plain wedding ring in palladium in Dublin

The shape of a wedding band will add slight differences to the look and fit of the ring. We offer a choice between Traditional (curved on the outside and inside), Flat (no curve on either side) and Modern (flat on the outside but curved on the inside) shaped bands. All of our men’s wedding rings are available to order in your preferred width. The choice of diameter depends mainly on your visual preferences. Would you like a slim, subtle band or a larger style with a more substantial look? Generally, we find that a very wide band can overwhelm someone of a smaller frame and vice versa. As a result it’s best to balance your ring with your hand size. The ring illustrated here is a plain 4mm polished band: Link to the ring at: /4mm-traditional-court-palladium-mens-wedding-ring-gwr1007/

We’ll be happy to talk you through all the options available at our office on Kildare Street in Dublin city centre. For appointments or queries, please contact us on 01 68 55 800 or book an appointment through our website

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