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When should a woman get an eternity ring?

Eternity rings in Ireland are given after the first year of marriage or after the birth of the first child.

What does an eternity ring symbolize?

An eternity ring is given as a reminder that the couple’s love is everlasting and to mark an occasion, typically the first year of marriage or other anniversary.

Which finger do eternity rings go on?

Just like wedding and engagement rings, an eternity ring is designed to sit on the third finger of the left hand.

There is no strict order on how to wear the rings together, but the most common arrangement is the wedding ring followed by the engagement ring with the eternity ring on the top.

This order may not always work well, depending on the shape of the engagement ring. Therefore, some choose to wear their wedding ring first, followed by the eternity ring as these two rings often slot perfectly together. The engagement ring can then be worn above.

What style of eternity ring is popular?

Eternity rings have traditionally been made with a number of diamonds on the band. The number of diamonds typically is four, five, seven or eleven, depending on the preference.

There is no additional meaning to the number of diamonds. Today, some couples also choose to include gemstones such as sapphires or rubies in the band alongside the diamonds.

What are unusual eternity rings?

Personalizing an eternity ring is now a very common choice for couples. In this way they can incorporate elements they love from established designs along with elements which are meaningful just to them. For example, adding one of each of their birthstones to the ring. Some may even swap out some diamonds for birthstones or other gems representing their child(ren) too.

What eternity ring matches an Oval Solitaire engagement ring?

A popular and stunning option for this is a curved eternity ring with diamonds set to enhance the engagement ring. A curved ring with 4-5 Marquise shaped diamonds can create a stunning effect. At Bespoke Diamonds, we will ensure the curve of the eternity ring perfectly matches the engagement ring by 3D scanning your ring and creating the ring especially for you.

Where can I get a custom-made eternity ring?

We at Bespoke Diamonds custom make every ring in our Dublin workshop. This means you can be as precise as you like and we can still deliver in just a few weeks. Book an appoointment with our ring specialists and enjoy creating the perfect eternity ring.

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