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About Halo Rings

Fuse vintage inspiration and modern trends with a custom-made halo ring, perfect for those who love a cluster look. Halo rings feature a single stone in the center surrounded by smaller stones, creating a tantalizing style filled with fire and prestige.

Halo rings feature fine metals with gold and platinum, easily customizable with carat weight, quality, and cuts within your budget range. Having a hand in the creation of your halo ring adds extra meaning to its enchanting design, making it special and unique just for you.

Halo diamond engagement ring options

Halo engagement rings may feature a natural earth-mined diamond or moissanite in the middle. Smaller diamonds frame the center stone, creating the halo cluster. Diamonds or moissanite are available in princess, marquise, round brilliant cut, emerald cut, pear, and specialty cuts, adding a unique shape to the halo.

The halo of smaller stones outlines the center stone shape or can be fashioned into a different shape. For example, a round brilliant cut stone can be surrounded by a square-shaped halo, aiding airy spaces between the halo and center stone.

Halo gemstone engagement rings options

Halo gemstone engagement rings feature semi-precious or precious colored stones often complemented by a halo of diamonds. Blue sapphire halo with round brilliant cut diamonds clustered around them offer a practical option for those who adore these stunning gems. Emerald and rubies are also classic selections for halo rings. Exude incredible glamor with a halo engagement ring.

FAQs – Halo Engagement Rings

What is a halo engagement ring?

A halo engagement ring is a type of ring that features a central gemstone surrounded by a circle of smaller gemstones, known as a “halo.”

What types of gemstones can be used in a halo ring?

A halo ring can feature any type of gemstone as the central stone, but diamonds are the most popular choice. The halo can also be set with any gemstone, but diamonds are the most common.

How does a halo engagement ring enhance the appearance of the central gemstone?

A halo of smaller gemstones can make the central gemstone appear larger and more brilliant. It can also add extra sparkle and color to the ring.

How does the cost of a halo ring compare to other types of engagement rings?

The cost of a halo engagement ring can vary depending on the quality of the gemstones used and the complexity of the setting. However, it can generally be more affordable than a ring with a larger central gemstone of the same quality.

What is the meaning of a halo ring?

A halo engagement ring symbolizes eternal love and devotion.

How should I take care of my halo engagement ring?

Avoid exposing it to harsh chemicals and excessive cleaning. Clean your ring with a mild soap and warm water, and store it in a safe place.

Are there any other types of halo engagement ring settings?

Yes, halo engagement ring settings can vary, including the popular double halo, and the unique split-shank halo.

Are halo engagement rings suitable for everyday wear?

Yes, halo engagement rings are suitable for everyday wear as long as you take care

Can a halo engagement ring be customised?

Yes, many jewelers can customize halo rings by adjusting the size or shape of the halo, or by using different types of gemstones or diamonds.

What is the best diamond shape for a halo ring?

The most popular diamond shape for a halo engagement ring is round but princess, cushion, oval, and pear shape are also popular.

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