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Halo Vintage Engagement Rings

Halo vintage engagement rings consist of a halo of smaller diamonds surrounding the centre diamond. The vintage style is typically from the Art Deco period (1920-1940), although it is very popular in the modern era for many reasons. This halo style has the effect of making a centre diamond look larger, with the halo made up of smaller diamonds blended into the centre diamond, creating the illusion of a larger centre stone.

The most common halo vintage engagement ring contains the round brilliant cut diamond. It is possible to add the halo style to any diamond shape, and popular styles include vintage princess cut diamond rings, emerald, radiant and oval diamonds. The small row of melee diamonds surrounding the main diamond also adds sparkle.

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  • cushion halo engagement ring VR1001halo-diamond-engagement-ring-vr1001-3 €3,250

    Milgrain Vintage Style Halo Diamond Ring VR1001

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  • classic scallop set halo engagement ring Dublin VR1002VR1002-Antique-Halo-Ring-View-2 €5,750

    Halo Antique Style Engagement Ring VR1002

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  • unusual twist halo engagement ring VR1003floral-halo-diamond-ring-vr1003-3 €2,750

    Vintage Style Diamond Ring VR1003

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  • Marquise-Cut-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1004-1marquise-cut-halo-engagement-ring-vr1004-3 €2,400

    Marquise Halo Moissanite & Diamond Ring VR1004

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  • cushion halo engagement ring VR1005VR1005-certified-diamond-ring-image-4dublin €4,250

    1.0 Carat Vintage Style Diamond Ring VR1005

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  • emerald cut diamond engagement ring VR1006Emerald-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1006-3 €3,990

    0.95ct Vintage Style Ring VR1006

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  • unusual antique style halo engagement ring VR1022 from Bespoke Diamonds Jewellers Dublin IrelandAntique-Style-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-VR1022-3 €4,350

    Certified Round Shape Diamond Ring VR1022

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  • Round-Cut-Halo-engagement-Ring-VR1007-1round-cut-halo-engagement-ring-vr1007-3 €3,350

    0.75 Carat Halo Vintage Style Diamond Ring VR1007

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  • Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1027-1Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1027-3 €4,950

    Halo Engagement Ring VR1027

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  • unusual halo engagement ring VR1008 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinUnusual-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1008-4 €2,600

    0.81 Carat Halo Diamond Ring VR1008

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  • pave set round halo engagemen ring VR1031 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublinmilgrain-set-halo-diamond-ring-vr1031-3 €2,750

    Certified Halo Style Diamond Ring VR1031

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  • Oval-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-RIng-Bespoke-Diamonds-Dublin-VR1009-2Oval-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-RIng-VR1009-4 €3,700

    0.80ct Oval Halo Diamond Ring VR1009

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  • double halo round cut engagement ring VR1038 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinDouble-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1038-4 €3,350

    Double Halo Engagement Ring VR1038

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  • pave set round halo engagemen ring VR1031 from Bespoke Diamonds Jewellers Dublin IrelandAsscher-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1033-3 €4,820

    1.02 Carat Vintage Style Diamond Ring VR1033

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  • Yellow-Gold-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1082-1Yellow-Gold-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1082-3 €5,350

    Halo diamond engagement ring VR1082

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  • VR1030-pave-set-twist-band-diamond-halo-engagement-ringsplit-band-halo-diamond-ring-vr1030-3 €7,650

    Pretty Vintage Style Diamond Ring VR1030

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  • rose gold round halo engagement ring VR1043 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublinrose-gold-engagement-ring-vr1043-3 €4,695

    Rose Gold Halo Diamond Ring VR1043

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  • Rose-Gold-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1023-1rose-gold-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-vr1023-3 €2,200

    Rose Gold Halo Ring VR1023

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  • Cushion-Halo-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-Bespoke-Diamonds-Dublin-VR1047-1cushion-halo-diamond-ring-vr1047-3 €4,450

    Vintage Style Halo Ring VR1047

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  • unusual bezel set diamond halo engagement ring VR1052Round Halo with Pave Band VR1052 Look Through €1,995

    0.50 Carat Rub Over Halo Diamond Ring VR1052

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  • princess cut halo engagement ring VR1035 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinVR1035-princess-halo-diamond-ring-view-4 €3,200

    0.75 Carat Halo Diamond Ring VR1035

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  • double halo cushion cut engagement ring VR1010Double-halo-diamond-engagement-ring-VR1010-3 €5,000

    1.30ct Double Halo Engagement Ring VR1010

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  • double halo moissanite halo engagement ring VR1020Double-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1020-3 €3,250

    1.30ct Double Halo Engagement Ring VR1020

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  • split band round halo engagement ring VR1048 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinSplit-Band-Halo-Ring-VR1048-3 €7,950

    1.35ct Split Band Halo Diamond Ring VR1048

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  • VR1044-vintage-style-bezel-set-diamond-halo-engagement-ringUnusual-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1044-3 €3,100

    Unusual Bezel Halo Diamond Ring VR1044

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  • Antique-Diamond-Halo-Ring-VR1011-1Antique-Diamond-Halo-Ring-VR1011-3 €2,300

    0.64ct Halo Diamond Engagement Ring VR1011

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  • round diamond halo engagement ring VR1041 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinVR1041-1.47ct-diamond-halo-ring-view-5 €8,150

    1.50 Round Halo Diamond Ring VR1041

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  • VR1066-tapered-scallop-set-diamond-halo-engagement-ringHalo-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-VR1066-3 €1,950

    Halo Diamond Engagement Ring VR1066

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  • Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1073-1Oval-Halo-Engagement-Ring-VR1073-3 €3,250

    Oval Halo Diamond Engagement Ring VR1073

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  • VR1045-oval-cut-diamond-pave-set-halo-engagement-ringoval-halo-engagement-ring-vr1045-3 €2,850

    Oval Halo Ring VR1045

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  • Double-Round-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1028-1Double-Round-Halo-Diamond-Ring-VR1028-4 €4,420

    Round Brillaint Cut Halo Ring VR1024

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  • unusual twist style diamond halo engagement ring VR1028 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublintwist-halo-engagement-ring-vr1028-3 €3,795

    Round Cut Halo Diamond Ring VR1028

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