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Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

A solitaire engagement ring is a simple yet classic and elegant style with one diamond in the centre. Solitaire engagement rings are our most popular style in our range of diamond rings, their purity and elegance making them a perennially in-demand choice.

Solitaire diamond rings remain a highly popular option due to the prominent role of the diamond on the ring. As it is the only embellishment to a finely-crafted ring, it truly stands out and the inclusion of a beautifully sparking diamond can make the overall product gleamingly outstanding. A round diamond shape tends to be the number one choice for solitaire engagement rings, as it enhances the diamond’s depth and sparkle, although there are many other shapes which can still make the diamond look amazing on a solitaire ring.

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  • SR1001-0.80ct-solitaire-ring-view-1SR1001-0.80ct-solitaire-ring-view-4 €4,950

    Certified 0.80 carat Engagement Ring SR1001

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  • SR1002-0.80ct-split-band-engagement-ring-Bespoke-Diamonds-Dublin-view-1SR1002-0.80ct-split-band-ring-view-4 €4,950

    Split Band Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring SR1002

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  • IMG_0682-sr1003 NSEW Setting Round Diamond White Gold SolitaireIMG_0686-sr1003 NSEW Setting Round Diamond White Gold Solitaire €8,000

    1.0 Carat Twist Diamond Engagement Ring SR1003

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  • SR1004-0.60ct-solitaire-ring-view-1SR1004-0.60ct-solitaire-ring-view-4 €3,450

    Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1004

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  • Tulip-Style-Solitaire-Ring-SR1005-1Tulip-Style-Solitaire-Ring-SR1005-3 €3,150

    0.50 Carat Round Cut Diamond Ring SR1005

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  • SR1006-solitaire-engagement-ring-view-1SR1006-solitaire-engagement-ring-view-4 €4,995

    Knife-Edge Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1006

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  • IMG_0694-sr1007 Six Claw White Gold Round Diamond SolitaireIMG_0696-sr1007 Six Claw White Gold Round Diamond Solitaire €4,950

    0.80ct Six Claw Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1007

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  • solitaire-rose-gold-dimaond-ring-sr1008-1solitaire-rose-gold-dimaond-ring-sr1008-4 €4,850

    0.80 Carat Round Cut Diamond Ring SR1008

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  • SR1009-0.70ct-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-Bespoke-Diamonds-Dublin-view-1SR1009-0.70ct-solitaire-diamond-ring-view-2 €5,050

    0.80 Carat North, South, East, West Certified Diamond SR1009

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  • SR1010-knife-edge-engagement-ring-Bespoke-Diamonds-DublinSR1010-knife-edge-ring-view-4 €4,895

    0.80ct Round Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1010

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  • SR1011-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare---Front-VIew-IMG_0222SR1011-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare--Look-Through-IMG_0225 €2,250

    1.00ct Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring SR1011

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  • SR1012-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare---Front-View-IMG_0227SR1012-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare--Look-Through-IMG_0229 €4,950

    Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring SR1012

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  • IMG_0706-sr1013 Round Diamond Solitaire Yellow Gold Four ClawIMG_0708-sr1013 Round Diamond Solitaire Yellow Gold Four Claw €6,250

    0.90 Carat Tapered Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1013

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  • IMG_0712-sr1014 Princess Cut Four Claw Solitaire White GoldIMG_0714-sr1014 Princess Cut Four Claw Solitaire White Gold €11,950

    1.20 Carat Princess Cut Engagement Ring SR1014

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  • SR1015-bezel-set-diamond-engagement-ring-solitaire-bespoke-diamonds-dublin-1Rub Over Solitaire SR1015 Look Through €5,250

    0.80 Carat Rub Over Solitaire Ring SR1015

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  • Oval-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1016-1 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinOval-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1016-3 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublin €7,995

    1.0 Carat Oval Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring SR1016

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  • IMG_0722-sr1017-Unusual-Double-Clawed-Round-Solitaire-White-GoldIMG_0724-sr1017 Unusual Double Clawed Round Solitaire White Gold €7,895

    1.00 Carat Round Brilliant Cut Engagement Ring SR1017

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  • Pear-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1018-1 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinPear-Solitaire-Diamond-Ring-SR1018-3 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublin €4,150

    0.70 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1018

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  • Emerald Cut Solitaire White GoldIMG_0730-sr1019 Emerald Cut Solitaire White Gold €22,500

    2.00 Carat Emerald Cut Solitaire Engagement Ring SR1019

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  • Unusual Six Claw Twist SolitaireIMG_0736-sr1020 Unusual Six Claw Twist Solitaire €8,100

    1.00 Carat Six Claw Twist Engagement Ring SR1020

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  • Half-Carat-Solitaire-Ring-SR1021-1 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinHalf-Carat-Solitaire-Ring-SR1021-3 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublin €3,300

    0.50 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1021

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  • SR1022-solitaire-engagement-ring-Bespoke-Diamonds-DublinSR1022-solitaire-engagement-ring-view-3 €8,150

    1.00 Carat GIA Certified Diamond Ring SR1022

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  • SR1023-white-gold-diamond-ring-view-1SR1023-white-gold-diamond-ring-view-3 €4,350

    0.70 Carat Certified Diamond Ring SR1023

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  • Four Claw Round Diamond White Gold Engagement RIngIMG_0746-sr1024Four Claw Round Diamond White Gold €2,400

    0.41 Carat Four Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring SR1024

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  • Six-Claw-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-SR1025-1 from Bespoke Diamonds DublinSix-Claw-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-SR1025-3 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublin €7,550

    Six Claw Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1025

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  • SR1026 2 carat diamond White Gold Round Diamond Cut Four Claw engagement ringSR1026 2 carat diamond White Gold Round Diamond Cut Four Claw engagement ring €28,995

    2.00 Carat Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring SR1026

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  • SR1027-solitaire-diamond-engagement-ring-Bespoke-Diamonds-DublinSR1027-solitaire-diamond-ring-view-4 €3,200

    0.50 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1027

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  • selling second hand ring dublin from Bespoke Diamonds DublinSix-Claw-Solitaire-Diamond-Engagement-Ring-SR1028-3 from Bespoke Diamonds Dublin €3,550

    0.59ct Six Claw Solitaire Ring SR1028

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  • IMG_0756-sr1029-Classic-Round-Diamond-Solitairesr1029 Classic Round Diamond Solitaire engagement ring €5,100

    0.80 Carat Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1029

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  • SR1030-White--Gold-Diamond-Solitiare-Front-View-IMG_0239SR1030-White--Gold-Diamond-Solitiare---Look-Through-IMG_0241 €1,750

    0.30 Carat Twist Solitaire Ring SR1030

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  • IMG_0767-sr1031-Emerald-Cut-Solitairesr1031 Emerald Cut Solitaire engagement ring €7,870

    1.0 Carat Emerald Cut Solitaire SR1031

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Explore our solitaire diamond engagement ring collection

At Bespoke Diamonds, we have a magnificent selection of sparkling solitaire diamond engagement rings, all of which effortlessly display class and elegance within a neatly-refined ring setting. You can select from a vast range of diamond shapes and carat weights to find the solitaire engagement ring that would be perfect for your partner.

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