Multi Stone Engagement Rings

For those who will gladly pay a little extra or go all-out on diamonds in purchasing an engagement ring for their loved one, our selection of multi stone rings is well worth a look. If you think that one diamond on an engagement ring isn’t quite enough, or if you want to pull out all the stops in showing your partner just how much they mean to you, a ring with two, three or even as many as five stones proves that you’re not willing to settle for any ordinary ring when making that all-important proposal.

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Multi stone engagement rings are typically set with three stones (called a trilogy ring) or five stones. On occasion, they could take the form of cluster rings, namely multiple smaller diamonds creating the illusion of one large diamond. Whether you choose two, three or several more diamonds to feature on an engagement ring, your multi stone ring will look dazzlingly gorgeous and glamorous, and is sure to amaze your partner when you reveal it to them as you pop the question. Choose from a variety of diamond cuts in majestic settings.


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