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Why A Bespoke Custom Made Ring is a Great Choice

For most people, getting engaged and then married is one of the best experiences of their life. From the initial proposal to the wedding day itself, it really is a magical time for everyone involved. Of course, along with all the romance and excitement, there are practical considerations to take care of. One of the major ones is what engagement and wedding rings you will buy for each other to wear. While many people go the route of buying standard off the shelf bands, a custom made ring is often a much better choice. But why?

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Why A Custom-Made Bespoke Ring is a Great Choice
Benefits of Choosing a Bespoke Engagement Ring
Make something unique
More enjoyable and convenient
Helps to incorporate special touches
Our Process of Creating a Custom-Made Wedding or Engagement Ring
The design process
Choosing the metal
Choosing Bespoke Diamonds to Create Your Ring
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Get the best quality custom made wedding and engagement rings

Benefits of Choosing a Custom made Engagement Ring

A major bonus with buying a custom ring is the chance it gives you to create your perfect ring. Very often this is not the case when you buy off the shelf. This is because there will not be everything there you would desire in one item. With a custom ring, you can select from any metal, size or stone to get the exact results you have always dreamed of. This is sure to make your engagement and wedding extra special.

Make something unique




Another advantage which custom rings offer is their uniqueness. Every bride and groom like to feel they have things that are unique to them for their wedding. Buying custom rings is the ideal way to do this and make sure the ring you have is the only one in existence.


More enjoyable and convenient

The traditional way of buying rings leaves a lot to be desired. After hours trudging around every jeweller in your town or city, you can still end up empty-handed and in a panic. Going the custom ring route eliminates this as you simply go to one jeweller who will help you design the exact ring you like. With no more wasted time or frustration, this is a much more pleasurable way to do it.

Helps to incorporate special touches

One especially romantic thing you can only do with custom rings is incorporate something personal for your partner in them. Maybe you proposed on holiday in Madagascar and you want to include a Sapphire produced there as an extra touch. Or maybe you want a stone added from their family collection for extra sentimental value. Whatever the reason, the custom approach makes it possible to get rings that have extra meaning for your beloved.

Our Process of Creating a Custom-Made Wedding or Engagement Ring

  1. We work with you to design your ring exactly how you want it to be.
  2. For a wedding ring, we borrow your engagement ring for two days to scan. Scanning the engagement ring ensures that the two rings match up perfectly. For an engagement ring, we establish your perfect ring size.
  3. Our in-house design team makes a CAD design of the ring. This CAD design is printed in our in-house 3D printer.
  4. The 3D mould of the ring is sent for casting.
  5. The piece returns to be polished and set with the diamonds. This process is takes approx. 4 weeks to complete depending on the design and materials.

The design process

Many people are not aware that they can create your ring or that this is a viable option. So the question must be posed as to where one can get this done. Also, how does one go about getting a ring designed. The hope is that their future bride to be will fall in love with. The process is relatively straightforward. You really just have two things to do.
(i) Firstly choose the setting you want and
(ii) then pick out the diamond to be placed into that setting.

An easier way to do this is to get a picture of a ring you like and it can be reproduced. Of course, it is very important that the design of the ring reflects the persons personality. It should also reflect their taste in fashion and style.  Her personal tastes must be met. For example, whether or not she likes contemporary or traditional style rings. Or the metal type that would be her preference. Would she like a simple metal band or one that is more bling with diamonds going all around it. These are important points that it is important to give some thought to so that your future fiancé loves her ring.

Choosing the metal

When choosing the type of metal for the band, you have the choice of using white, rose or yellow gold or platinum.


White gold is the most popular choice of metal. When compared with platinum it has a stronger shine and is more resistant to scratches. White gold is an alloy of golds, palladium and rhodium plating. To maintain the shine, white gold is supposed to be re-rhodium plated every so often (every year approx.) This is to prevent the yellow hue of the gold from emerging.

2.     ROSE GOLD

This metal is particularly nice in antique/vintage style settings as it is often seen as the more romantic metal. When compared with the other golds, as rose gold is predominately copper, it is much stronger and durable. Rose gold looks particularly well with a morganite stone as the soft pinkish tones really complement each other.


This is often seen as the more “classic” choice of metal. It looks particularly well just as part of a simple solitaire ring. The yellow hues are best complemented by someone with a darker complexion. High karat yellow gold is more susceptible to scratching, so it too requires some upkeep.


Platinum is also a white metal and is said to look very similar to white gold, albeit slightly duller. It will not fade to yellow over time and is a stronger and more durable metal compared with White Gold. White gold has a silver shine and Platinum has more of a grey hue. Also, Platinum is a more expensive metal but there is less maintenance involved as no rhodium-plating required, just an occasional polish.

Choosing Bespoke Diamonds to Create Your Ring

It is a fact that gifts made by hand with lots of love and attention are the best presents to give. The receivers really appreciate them. One gets a lot of self-satisfaction from making and creating the gift. The receiver knows it is made with them in mind and that it is personal to them.  It really is a case of ‘the thought that counts’.

The receiver will appreciate it much more than you going into a shop and simply purchasing a gift. It makes them feel more special, that you had what they like in mind when preparing the gift for them. This is certainly the case when you create your ring with a jeweller.

We take a lot of pride in our creations and ensure every step is done perfectly, consulting with you along the way where necessary. With our in-house design and manufacturing team (everything is made in our Dublin office), you can be sure your ring will be perfect.

Our owner

Martin Commins is the diamond dealer with Bespoke Diamonds and will be able to show you the range of loose certified diamonds available to him. He has access to well over 500,000 certified diamonds. This which includes all diamond shapes, all carat size and all certificate bodies. However, Martin will only deal with the most reputable certificate bodies. He only deals in very good to excellent cut diamonds. Martin believes the quality of a diamond should reflect the quality of his brand – first class.

It is indeed a difficult process and requires a lot of research and thought. The goal being to produce a ring that you feel your fiancé would be happy with. As a result, you have one chance, and you really want to get it right! It will be worth it to make sure she is very happy with it.  She will spend the rest of her life with it on display on her ring finger. If the ring is well designed with her needs and tastes in mind, then she will love it. It will grow to be of sentimental value to her. It will also symbolise your love that you share for evermore.

However, it is worth noting that Bespoke Diamonds Jewellers Dublin will exchange any ring sold within 2 months. So, if you are planning to surprise you partner with a ring – you can rest easy knowing it can be exchanged for something else if needs be!

Get the best quality custom made wedding and engagement rings

Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we specialize in custom made rings. If you need a top-quality custom-made engagement ring or a stunning wedding ring, contact us on 01-6855800 or email info@bespokediamonds.ie. Don’t worry if you need help. Our in-house design team is always on hand to step in. Once you are ready, we’re sure you will love the finished result.


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