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Choosing the Right Diamond Shape

There are so many different diamond shapes readily available nowadays that it can be hard to decide which shape is best suited to you. All the diamond cuts have different properties and attributes so comparing solely based on appearance can be a mistake. However, it does help that the 4 Cs grading system can still be applied, irrespective of shape. This blog will go through the most popular diamond shapes and what you need to know about them.

1. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

TSix Claw Diamond Engagement Ring Round Cut Diamond Dublin SR1049he round brilliant cut diamond is the most sparkly cut and has the highest brilliance. It has 57-58 facets and has the best light reflection when compared with other diamond cuts. Round cut diamonds are the classic look. The round cut also costs more per carat than other cuts.

2. Princess Cut Diamonds

0.80ct Princess Cut Engagement Ring Ireland SR1072The princess cut diamond is the next most popular diamond cut. It is usually square shape and has sides of equal lengths. When compared with round brilliant cuts, it is quite similar in brilliance. However, these are usually cheaper than round cuts but they can have a higher amount of facets, up to 76.

3. Oval Cut Diamonds

Oval Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Ireland SR1032The great thing about oval cut diamonds, is that they appear larger. This is due to the surface area of the oval cut diamond is larger at the top. It is estimated that a 1.00ct oval stone would appear 10% larger than the same size round cut. Basically, you’re getting the same carat weight, that looks larger at (usually) a lower price! .

4. Pear Cut Diamonds

Pear shaped diamond engagement ring Dublin SR1018The pear shape diamond is one of the more modern cuts that has recently grown dramatically in popularity in recent years. Pear cut is a combination of the marquise and round cut diamond, so it tapered on one end and round at the other. The dimensions are very important when it comes to choosing a pear cut. A very narrow diamond may not be ideal for a ring as it could look like a marquise gone wrong, the opposite applies for a very broad diamond as this could just resemble a very poor attempt at a round cut. See here for more about pear cut diamonds.

5. Marquise Cut Diamonds

Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Ring Ireland SR1042A marquise diamond is a real statement look. It is referred to as the eye/football-shaped diamond, but is simply an elliptical shape with pointed ends. This shape is often credited to making the finger appear narrower and due to its elongated shape. It has about 58 facets so it is guaranteed to reflect light and sparkle for a long time to come!

These are the most popular fancy cuts currently. However, other cuts of diamond available include radiant cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, asscher cut.

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