Pricing Made Easy

Bespoke Instalment Plan

Pay for your piece in easy instalments

Payment options are now available on limited pieces

Whether you’re buying a beautiful bespoke engagement ring, picking your wedding bands, searching for some sparkling bridesmaid gifts or just treating yourself. Our Bespoke Installment Plan allows you to spread out your payments over a period of time that best suits you. Once your item has been fully paid for it will be shipped to you, beautifully packaged in our signature Bespoke Diamonds packaging.

Buy now and pay later - finance on engagement rings

Our payment plans

spread your payments

  • 3 months

    0% Finance
    10% Downpayment
    3 Monthly Payments

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  • 6 months

    0% Finance
    10% Downpayment
    6 Monthly Payments

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  • 12 months

    0% Finance
    10% Downpayment
    12 Monthly Payments

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Frequently Asked Questions

Arrange finance on your favourite Bespoke Diamonds piece

  1. Select your piece and we’ll set it aside for you to ensure its available on completion of the final payment
  2. let us know which interest free option is best for you – 3 months; 6 months or 12 months
  3. An initial 10% is required with the remaining balance payable monthly over the selected month duration
  4. On receipt of the final payment, your piece will be available for collection or it can be register posted

Arrange Finance

  • Yes, Bespoke Diamonds offers 0% interest free finance.
    On receipt of a 10% deposit, you can pay for your item over 3,6 or 12 months
    The item remains in our safe until the final payment is made.
    On receipt of the final payment, the item will be available for collection or can be register posted to you.

  • Our instalment plan is available on all items over €500

  • Yes. If you select a ring or choose to have a piece custom made, the option of finance is available.

    On receipt of the 10% deposit we will either hold the item if its in stock, or remake your piece.

    You can pay off the item over the 3 month, or 6 month ,or 12 month period with the item available for collection on completion of the final payment.

  • Lets say you see an engagement ring for €2500 and want to buy it over 12 months.

    You pay the initial 10% deposit (€2,500 x 10%) = 250
    Remaining balance is (€2500 – €250) = €2,250
    This remaining balance is paid off over 12 months
    Monthly payments would be (€2,250 / 12 months) = €187.50

    Payment Structure:
    Month 1 (initial deposit of €250 + monthly payment €187.50) = €437.50
    Month 2 – 12 (monthly payment) = €187.50

    Total paid over 12 months = €2,500 = cost of the item

  • If the price changes, your price will remain the same.

    For example, lets assume metal increases in price and your piece becomes more expensive.
    We will keep the agreed price the same so no extra charge would be required.