Bespoke Diamonds Videos

Below are a sample of our most recent you-tube videos from our  you-tube channel for Bespoke Diamonds.
We have hundreds of diamond engagement ring videos on our channel here.

Our videos allow us to show you all angles of a ring. While an image can be useful, we believe a video is more useful in seeing the ring from all angles and aspects. It can be difficult to see your perfect ring on a website or through pictures. Adding the video along with images of our rings on a hand allows you visualise the ring in reality. We would always encourage people to view jewellery in person as the image or video from a website can look slightly different in reality. Also, it is good practice to try a ring on your hand. Different styles and shapes will compliment your hand better than others. This can only be identified when you try on numerous rings.

At Bespoke Diamonds we have a growing range of diamond rings in stock. If you see a ring on our website, it is likely that we will have many more similar pieces in stock for you to view. If you see a ring in our office which is not on our website, we can send you images and a video of the ring for you to view. We can also add an image of any of our rings on a hand. This may assist in visualising the ring on your hand. However, a persons hand, much like their personality, can be very different with your perfect ring on it. There is no substitute for trying on a ring in person and seeing how it compliments your style.

If you would like to see any of our diamond rings in a different video (on a hand) please let us know.
You can contact us on 01-6855800.