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Shopping for Diamond Rings? How to Get the Best Bling for your Buck

Finding the best ring for your budget Apart from your house and car, your engagement ring and wedding bands are likely to be some of the biggest single purchases you will make. No one wants to think of something as mundane as a budget when they are planning their romantic proposal, but it’s important to […]

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Engagement ring trends in Ireland for 2019

With almost half of all proposals in Ireland taking place over Christmas and New Year, the peak season for engagement ring shopping is nearly upon us. Below are some current engagement ring trends for anyone who might be planning on popping the question over the coming months. Growing interest in Yellow Gold White gold and […]

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How To Choose An Engagement Ring To Match Your Personality Type

Unlike most other pieces of jewellery, an engagement ring is something you will rarely take off. Once that sparkler is on your finger, you’ll be wearing it every day for years to come, so it’s vital that it fits in with your lifestyle and personality. While each person’s taste is individual, generally jewellers find that […]

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Customer Stories: Engagement Ring Meath

Engagement Rings Meath In this day and age buying an engagement ring can be a daunting prospect and with so much access to images of beautiful rings it is hard to pick just one. The story of Ciaran and Kate relates to this problem. Kate is an avid user of Pinterest and Instagram, with the […]

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The Rise of the Family Ring

The Rise of the Family Ring Gone are the days when women had to wait around for Valentine’s Day to receive a gift of jewellery. Today, rings are being given for many different occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s Day, graduations, etc. These types of rings are not just being presented in during a romantic meal with […]

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3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Ladies Wedding Ring

3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Ladies Wedding Ring As royal weddings and engagements still continue to fuel our collective mania around the idea of the perfect wedding ring, brides and grooms around the country are asking questions as to what makes the ideal ring. These simple but pivotal symbols of love, matrimony and the […]

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Why a Custom Made Ring is a Good Choice

Custom Made Rings For most people, getting engaged and then married is one of the best experiences of their life. From the initial proposal to the wedding day itself, it really is a magical time for everyone involved. Of course, along with all the romance and excitement, there are practical considerations to take care of. […]

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A Guide to Certified Diamonds

Certified Diamonds If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring or a pair of diamond earrings, it can be confusing. And so is diamond certification. There are many questions to ask. Does a certificate mean the diamond is top quality? Do only the most expensive diamonds have certificates? There’s no need to panic. We’ll break […]

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Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings

Man Made Diamonds Vs Natural Diamonds Navigating the world of diamonds can seem daunting enough without the introduction of these ‘man-made diamonds’ to the mix. However, we designed this blog to make it all a little clearer, and help you make the most informed decision about the stone that will be on your ring. (Man […]

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Customer Stories: Engagement Ring Wexford

Engagement Rings Wexford Buying an engagement ring can be a long process. It involves a lot of research, some trips far and wide and usually, some very tough decisions! For Caroline and Mark who came to us from Wexford, it was no different. Mark decided to propose to Caroline without a ring as he knew […]

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Infographic: Tips on Buying Jewellery for Sensitive Skin

Buying an engagement ring or a wedding ring has never been an easy task. Unlike other pieces of jewellery, it’s a promise and a sign of your commitment to your soul mate. But when you have to buy a ring for someone with sensitive skin, the process becomes even harder. However, understanding what metal alloys […]

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Wedding Rings For Men: Some Tips To Bear In Mind

Buying wedding rings is an exciting time, however, sometimes the focus can be lost on wedding rings for men. For whatever reason they don’t get as much attention, but that doesn’t mean that men’s wedding rings are anymore less important. Style Advice Firstly, you must make the choice of style. The options range between a […]

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Advice For Men on How to Buy an Engagement Ring

Advice for Men on How to Buy an Engagement Ring For nearly every man, the idea of buying an engagement ring is a daunting prospect. It is no secret that men are unaware of what to look out for when buying a diamond ring for their partner. Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we understand that men […]

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How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Clean Your Diamond Engagement Ring A question we get asked is – how do I clean my diamond engagement ring? The answer is very simple. With diamond engagement rings, it is very hard to keep them clean all of the time. Because of this, daily tasks affect your engagement ring. Grease, dirt, hand […]

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Grey Diamond Engagement Rings

Grey Diamond Engagement Rings Grey Diamonds have grown in popularity over the past few years. But what exactly are grey diamonds and why are they so popular now? The trend of different coloured diamonds began with the popularity of the pink and yellow diamonds. As a result, other coloured diamonds followed suit in recent times. […]

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Ultimate Guide to Buying Diamond Engagement Rings

Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest purchases a couple will make, so it is so important to do it right. Without proper research, this process can be tedious and tiresome, but with the right approach and information, it can be an enjoyable experience. Ultimately, your aim is to choose a beautiful engagement […]

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A Guide to Buying Diamonds

There are many things you should know about diamonds before investing in one. You should begin your research by getting to know the 4 Cs – cut, colour, clarity and carat weight. Cut The cut of a diamond relates to how well the diamond is cut to reflect light. Each certified diamond is graded from […]

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Buying Your Engagement Rings Limerick at Bespoke Diamonds

Engagement Rings, Limerick Here at Bespoke Diamonds, we have customers coming to us from far and wide in search of their perfect ring. Last week was no different when we met Laura and Neil from Adare, Co. Limerick who came to us after months of searching around their locality for a ring but to no […]

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A Guide to Choosing Ladies’ Wedding Rings

When it comes to saying “I Do” you want to be certain you have made the right choice….with your wedding ring! Although the expense that comes with a wedding ring is much less than an engagement ring, it is still important to invest time into the process as, like the engagement ring, it is a […]

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Where to Sell Engagement Rings in Dublin

Best Place to Sell Jewellery in Dublin So, for some reason or another, you have been left with a ring to sell. You will soon realise that it is not so easy to sell your ring as it was to buy one. There are a few options open to you but this process is not […]

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