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All Rings under €2,500

The below affordable engagement rings are for all budget types and available in all carat weights and qualities.


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  • TR1004-Round-and-princess-trilogy-ring-view-1TR1004-Round-and-princess-trilogy-ring-view-2 €1,950

    Channel Set Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1004

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  • TR1005-rub-over-trilogy-ring-view-1TR1005-rub-over-trilogy-ring-view-2 €2,250

    Rub Over Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1005

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  • TR1009-twist-over-trilogy-engagement-ring-bespoke-diamonds-dublin-view-1TR1009-twist-over-trilogy-ring-view-2 €2,495

    Twisted Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1009

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  • 0.30ct-Trilogy-Diamond-Ring-TR1018-10.30ct-Trilogy-Diamond-Ring-TR1018-3 €995

    0.30ct Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1018

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  • Cluster-Style-Engagement-Ring-TR1021-1Cluster-Style-Engagement-Ring-TR1021-3 €2,550

    7 Stone Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring TR1021

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  • Unusual-Three-Stone-Ring-TR1024-1Unusual-Three-Stone-Ring-TR1024-3 €1,500

    0.33ct Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1024

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  • Round-Cut-Diamond-Ring-TR1026-1Round-Cut-Diamond-Ring-TR1026-3 €1,700

    0.50ct Three Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1026

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  • TR1028-bar-set-3-stone-ring-view-1TR1028-bar-set-3-stone-ring-view-4 €1,000

    0.30 Carat Bar Channel Set Trilogy Diamond Ring TR1028

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  • TR1035-seven-stone-ring-engagement-ring-Dublin-Bespoke-Diamonds--view-1TR1035-seven-stone-ring-engagement-ring-Dublin-Bespoke-Diamonds--view-2 €2,250

    1.00 Carat Flower Cluster Multi Stone Diamond Engagement Ring TR1035

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  • Trilogy-Engagement-Ring-TR1036-1Trilogy-Engagement-Ring-TR1036-3 €2,100

    Classic Round Cut Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1036

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  • Trilogy-Diamond-Ring-TR1045-1Trilogy-Diamond-Ring-TR1045-3 €2,200

    Yellow Gold Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1045

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  • Three-Stone-Engagement-Ring-TR1054-1Three-Stone-Engagement-Ring-TR1054-3 €1,950

    0.50ct Round Cut Trilogy Diamond Engagement Ring TR1054

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  • Multi-Stone-Ring-TR1063-1Multi-Stone-Ring-TR1063-3 €950

    0.25ct Multi Stone Ring TR1063

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  • Three-Stone-Ring-TR1066-1Three-Stone-Ring-TR1066-3 €1,100

    Halo Cluster Style Engagement Ring TR1066

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  • round-and-pear-cut-diamond-ring-tr1068-1round-and-pear-cut-diamond-ring-tr1068-3 €2,700

    Yellow Gold Three Stone Diamond Ring TR1068

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  • SR1011-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare---Front-VIew-IMG_0222SR1011-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare--Look-Through-IMG_0225 €2,250

    1.00ct Solitaire Moissanite Engagement Ring SR1011

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  • Four Claw Round Diamond White Gold Engagement RIngIMG_0746-sr1024Four Claw Round Diamond White Gold €2,400

    0.41 Carat Four Claw Solitaire Engagement Ring SR1024

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  • SR1030-White--Gold-Diamond-Solitiare-Front-View-IMG_0239SR1030-White--Gold-Diamond-Solitiare---Look-Through-IMG_0241 €1,750

    0.30 Carat Twist Solitaire Ring SR1030

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  • SR1038-Rose-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare--Front-View-IMG_0243SR1038-Rose-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare--Look-Through-IMG_0245 €1,875

    0.30 Carat Round Cut Diamond Ring SR1038

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  • SR1040-0.45ct-diamond-ring-view-1SR1040-0.45ct-diamond-ring-view-3 €2,500

    Round Cut Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1040

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  • sr1052 round diamond with tapered bandIMG_0043-sr1052 round diamond with tapered band €2,250

    0.42 Carat Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring SR1052

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  • SR1054-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare-Front-View-IMG_0259SR1054-White-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare-Look-Through-IMG_0261 €1,950

    0.34ct Certified Diamond Ring SR1054

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  • SR1063-Yellow-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare-Front-View-IMG_0267SR1063-Yellow-Gold-Diamond-Solitiare-Look-Through-IMG_0269 €1,950

    Solitaire Diamond Ring SR1063

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  • Moissanite-Engagement-Ring-SR1065-1Moissanite-Engagement-Ring-SR1065-3 €2,750

    Moissanite Engagement Ring SR1065

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  • round-brilliant-cut-engagement-ring-sr1068-image-1round-brilliant-cut-engagement-ring-sr1068-image-2 €1975

    0.34ct Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring SR1068

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  • Classic six claw diamond engagement ringLook through view - 18k whote gold pave set engagement ring €2,250

    Classic 6 Claw Channel Set Ring PR1023

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  • 0.55ct Twist band diamond engagement ringLook through view - 18k white gold diamond engagement ring €2,290

    Solitaire Engagement Ring PR1024

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  • 0.45ct channel set diamond engagement ringLook through view of a 0.45ct diamond engagement ring €1,995

    Channel Set Side Stone Ring PR1027

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  • 0.51ct Diaond Side Stone Engagement RingPR1034-0.51ct-yellow-gold-ring-view-4 €2,150

    0.51ct Side Stone Ring PR1034

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  • Oval-diamond-engagement-ring-PR1045-1Oval-diamond-engagement-ring-PR1045-2 €2,450

    Milgrain Side Stone Diamond Ring PR1045

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  • Rose-Gold-Diamond-Ring-PR1052-1Rose-Gold-Diamond-Ring-PR1052-3 €2,100

    Rose Gold Side Stone Ring PR1052

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  • Unusual-Diamond-engagement-ring-pr1056-1Unusual-Diamond-engagement-ring-pr1056-3 €1,995

    0.45ct Scallop Set Diamond Ring PR1056

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Any queries on the above affordable engagement rings, please contact us on 01-6855800 to range an appointment to view our range in stock.


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