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A Guide to Choosing Ladies’ Wedding Rings

Ladies diamond wedding rings Dublin IrelandWhen it comes to saying “I Do” you want to be certain you have made the right choice….with your wedding ring! The expense that comes with a wedding ring is much less than an engagement ring. However, it is still important to invest time into the process as. Similar to the engagement ring, it is a ring for life. However, usually this process doesn’t take as long as finding your engagement ring. Most of the time, you are simply looking for the best match for your ring. There are 2 main styles of ladies’ wedding bands to consider ~ diamond set and plain. You also need to consider the shape of your engagement ring. This is because you may need to get a shaped wedding ring made to fit around the engagement ring.

Plain Wedding Bands

Plain ladies wedding ring Dublin IrelandMany brides like the idea of a simple wedding band as it is more traditional. The majority of the time you will match metal of your engagement ring with the metal of your wedding ring. A simple plain wedding ring is ideal if your ring is a statement piece. Examples may be a double halo or a multi-stone or for someone who has more of a simple style. Also a plain band is the way to go if you want it to match it with the gent’s band. You could also opt for a plain band with an engraved pattern to keep it simple but with a slightly unique element.

Diamond Set Wedding Bands

There are 3 main styles of diamond set wedding rings which are differentiated by how the diamonds are held in.

  1. Channel-diamonds held in by just metal- diamonds are partially covered by a slim strip of metal on each side.
  2. Pavé-diamonds held in by claws and met- looks like a diamond surface.
  3. Claw-diamonds are held in by just claws (meaning the diamonds look more round)

If your engagement ring is already set on a diamond set band, you should simply match them exactly to each other. However if your engagement ring has a plain band, you can simply choose whichever style you prefer. For example, all styles work with a simple solitaire. Whereas with a side stone, you just have to match the two styles.

Finding the Perfect Wedding Band for You

It is important to consider what is your personal style. Whether you prefer a more subtle look or if you want your rings to have to have that extra sparkle. We have many different styles in our showroom to view. You’ll be bound to find the one for you!

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