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6 Stunning Unusual Engagement Rings

1. Floral Cluster Ring

To really get in the spirit of your summer proposal, a floral cluster ring is the ideal ring. The unique flower setting is perfect for a bride with an alternative sense of style.

2. Unusual Twist Diamond Ring

This is a classic ring with a fun twist. The twist will draw the eye to the centre stone, maximising the sparkle but still remaining a delicate ring.

3. Marquise Halo Diamond Ring

Future brides are choosing unusual stones for their rings so to add a touch of individualism to their bridal jewellery. Shapes of stone such as emerald, marquise and pear are proving popular among the modern brides.

4. Rose Gold Side Stone Ring

Rose gold has grown in popularity over recent years and has shown no signs of stopping. This ring is an option for someone who doesn’t want the same level of sparkle as a white gold ring and it gives the ring a vintage feel.

5. Unusual Halo Ring

Halo rings are the best way to maximise the sparkle in your ring. The ring below is a take on the classic halo as; in this case, the centre ring is surrounded by a bezel setting. This is a subtle addition on a classic style ring.


6. Gemstone Ring

Coloured stones in engagement rings are becoming more fashionable. Celebrities such as Halle Berry, Elizabeth Hurley and Kate Middleton have all opted for coloured gemstones instead of the typical diamond on their rings


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