2017: Engagement Ring Trends to Expect

2017 Engagement Ring Trends to Expect

Trends that we think are to be expected for 2017:


1)Precious Metal Choices:

Yellow and rose gold settings have become increasingly more popular over the last few months coming into 2017. Both yellow and rose gold are so flattering against all skin tones. Historically yellow gold would have been the most popular for engagement rings and wedding bands before white, but now it seems to be making a come back. Yellow and Rose gold require the least maintenance and only require a clean and polish once in a while.


2) Setting Styles

Classic settings like the Solitaire are becoming more and more popular, a timeless piece which never goes out of fashion. Solitaire engagement rings come in many different styles so you won’t be left for choice. They are also the most manageable setting to clean, maintain and re-size. They are simple, romantic, elegant and timeless, and will surely be a trend for 2017.

3) Centre Stone

More and more people are picking coloured gemstones as their centre stone, or picking fancy coloured diamonds. These bold choices of colour really make an engagement ring pop, and are a perfect contrast with the metal. Sapphires and Emeralds are among the most popular choices but fancy coloured diamonds seem to be not far behind and will be even more popular in 2017. With fancy coloured diamonds you can get them in almost any colour you desire and we’ve found the chocolate diamonds to be among the most sought after.

So these are just a few of our thoughts on what to expect in 2017 when it comes to trending engagement rings.

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